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A Simple Choice for Sustainability

Rest easy knowing you’ve chosen eco-friendly accommodations in Santa Monica. Our approach to sustainability is straightforward: we aim to minimize our environmental footprint because we know it pays in the long run. Strategic upgrades have allowed us to considerably reduce the impact of daily operations.

After converting our sprinklers to drip irrigation and empowering guests to opt out of laundry, we’ve cut water use by an estimated 43% while maintaining occupancy rates.

To save electricity, we retrofitted 197 light fixtures to LEDs, phasing out incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs for annual savings of $1,800 or 10,400 kWh.

Redesigned trash and recycling bin enclosures help to streamline waste management. Recycling bins for guest use can be found throughout the property. Pump dispensers for in-room bath products help to prevent waste from single-use plastic.

Guests can take additional measures to reduce their environmental footprint during their stay. Santa Monica Hotel's Green Clean Program offers guests $10.00 of credit per night in exchange for declining daily housekeeping service.

Certified Green Business

We received a Santa Monica Green Business Certification in recognition of our eco-conscious efforts. The associated Green Business consultation empowered us to go above and beyond in our efforts to minimize our environmental impact.

In 2019, Santa Monica Hotel was chosen as the winner for Excellence in Social Responsibility in the Sustainable Quality Awards (SQA). The SQA program recognizes businesses in the Santa Monica area that are successfully putting sustainable practices into action.